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And Punkin recently came home bleeding from the throat, luckier than his predecessor, Jiggs, who fell victim to the local coyotes.

“That was the first time I heard my dad sound like George Bush,” the young singer/songwriter remembers.

Between healthy CD and ticket sales abroad and his new contract at home, Ritter was able to buy a house in Moscow last fall, where he’s resting before a massive PR-and-touring blitz to support the new album.

For Ritter, buying a home with money made playing music still feels surreal. “I’m singing for the love of it / Mercy on the man who sings to be adored” Josh Ritter is opening for Amy Rigby at the end of a long hallway in a hotel in Nashville.

Only a few years ago, he was just one of thousands of singer/songwriters playing open-mic nights in front of tiny audiences, and dreaming of doing it for a living. The 20 or so folks awkwardly lining the walls constitute a decent crowd for Folk Alliance—a convention that turns every suite, many single rooms and even some elevators into concert venues.

Despite my long legs, he scampers up a steep embankment while I’m left grasping at flimsy reeds.

In my defense, Ritter is only two days from running his first marathon—a fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders.

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