The dating game for women

Last night I opened to a few random pages of the book "The Game," a guide for pick-up artists by Neil Strauss.According to many guys I know, this is a must read.And what use is a compliment if it flies right over her head?And once it does fly right over her head, you’ve pretty much lost that woman forever.It’s also just a form of valuing yourself, and showing the world that you’re selective of who you let in, which makes being let in by you seem all the sweeter. shutterstock Women want to earn everything you give them Like with anything in life, rewards are more enjoyable when earned.Why do you think the guy that sits on the street corner cat calling anything in a skirt never gets a number?This concept works for any stage in a relationship When you are finally dating a woman somewhat regularly, the next thing she wants to earn is your commitment to her. Those are all the things that today make you a strong, stable, Well guess what? A woman needs to feel that you see every layer of her to feel satisfied with your affections for her.That’s why after getting that first date, you don’t want to jump into inviting her to meet your parents and move in together. She will not settle for a man that likes or loves her only after having seen the top layers.

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Maintaining some privacy doesn’t necessarily mean being emotionally constipated.

He’s not suddenly going to disappear because something surprised him.

He already took the time to make sure there would be no surprises.

Its black leather, red satin and gold writing cover alone speaks volumes as to what you will find inside.

Here's a disclaimer: I did not read the whole book. But what I did see needs to be addressed, and I would like to call women's attention to it as a helpful tool. It was a stick figure drawing of a woman, and pointing to each specific part of her body, there were "lines" of suggestion as to what a pick-up artist should say.

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