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For cold weather, hot weather, athletic wear, cozy wear - for everything. I brought a lot of clothing I already had and then shopped Forever 21 so I got most of my stuff for fairly cheap. Dominque is phenomenal at makeup, so she did some of the makeup for some of the girls in the rose ceremonies. And I know for me, being vulnerable and pushing myself to have connections with different people is at the forefront of my values and my goals in life.

Danielle M., who I am really close with, did my hair for some of the stuff. Even the first group date, I got to drive and I was like yes, I get to drive and jam out. So, this experience really captures all of that, as tough as it is. You learn so much about yourself, about how you interact with other people, just, I’m a big observer and people watcher, so even just watching other people interact. It’s very interesting to watch and you learn so much.

But the girls really help each other out with clothes, hair and makeup. What was the best and worst part of the whole experience for you? And still no music because they have the mics and the audio and they don’t have the license to show the songs and everything. So when you look back on your experience and you look at someone like Becca or even Nick, who went back to be a contestant again, would you do that?

One of the best parts, 100%, was meeting all the women. Being cut off from friends and family is really tough. But I think one thing that everyone who’s on the show, no matter what happened while they were on the show, one of the hardest parts is being vulnerable and that exposed to all of America and the world, frankly because people all over the world watch the show, is dealing with everyone’s opinions on what was shown about you. Would you consider something like Bachelor in Paradise? I think everyone bases weight on the order of limo exits.

The handlers work really hard, and the producers, to make sure none of us interact before getting in the limo the first night.

So a lot of the girls actually, I mean I think I maybe saw Whitney once in the elevator, I peeked over and I thought it was Whitney, but other than that, you’re in the hotel by yourself.

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And then it ended up being Nick so we were excited and looking forward to it, because I thought he was someone I would connect with.

Was your first night in the house the first time you met all the other contestants, or did you try to seek each other out before to size up competition?

During the casting weekend, some girls bumped into each other.

But I see other people’s reactions to me when they meet me and I’m like 'Whoa! My career has been impacted in a few different ways. I have an ad on Psychology and through my business website.

It’s tough because there are some legitimate people who really want help that are reaching out to me, and then there are some fans who want to use it as a way to meet me, and there’s some who are just being very critical and sending hate mail.

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