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The core value of this conference is to empower healthy relationships across a myriad of configurations." Facebook. Wrote Ginger Polynirvana, "We are able to offer a simultaneous Professional track at Relate Con, which will offer CEUs to a wide variety of disciplines such as lawyers, social workers, counselors, and teachers." Here's Kitty Chambliss's enthusiastic writeup of the 2017 event.

The Political session is being run as a distinct event through a separate website and has a separate registration fee, but it happens nearby on the same weekend.If you want to get a vendor table there is a page for that too.Ticket sales aren't completely up and running but stay tuned.In previous years, a variety of impromptu poly-related meetings, parties, and other events were instigated at places nearby the conference site to take advantage of the presence of the influx....The trend seems to be accelerating, has been organizing transregional "Poly Meetings" for German-speaking polyfolks in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

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