Over accomodating for fat people

The Disney officials are good at weeding out these bawdy photos and they are very good at feeding the hordes of overweight people exactly what they want. The vast majority of the people I saw weren’t making the effort.

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A new twist has been added to many of the rides at Disneyland, especially the ones that hurtle you along in the dark.Despite my kind of flippant tone in this post, I don’t find the large numbers of obese guests (as the Disneyland staff refers to the people paying to go there) and staff amusing in the slightest. As I’ve said many times before, we have all been the unwitting subjects of a long experiment, the hypothesis of which is that since fat is bad and carbs are good, we should all eat low-fat, high-carb diets. Most of the people who inflicted this nonsense on us are still around and still pushing the carbs and still blaming the fat in the diet. When I thought I was going to have to subject myself to the Small World again before my grandson got me out of it by not wanting to go himself, I remembered what the attendant had told me previously about the ride being renovated because of the increase in obesity.I wondered if it were an urban legend or if it were really true. There are a number of investigative reports on the idea, and the consensus seems to be that the renovation was due to the boats bottoming out due to the increased weight of the passengers.It looked to me that about 40 percent of adults were out and out obese, some morbidly so.And I would estimate that of the folks who weren’t actually obese, at least 85 percent of them were overweight. What really surprised me was the state of obesity of the Disneyland staff.

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