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Swinth and Margarita Lopez Link A Hartman-wintner Theorem For Dynamic Equations On Time Scales, Sigrun Bodine and D. Lutz A Historical Perspective On Dutch Auction Rate Preferred Stock, Lynda S. Greenberg Link Alexandria Lost: From The Advent Of Christianity To The Arab Conquest, William D. Normand A Manual Physical Therapy Approach Versus Subacromial Corticosteroid Injection For Treatment Of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome: A Protocol For A Randomised Clinical Trial, Daniel I. Constantine Link A Group Proprioceptive Program's Effect On Physical Aggression In Children, Margarita Lopez and Yvonne Swinth Link A group proprioceptive program’s effect on physical aggression in children, Yvonne L. Anderson Link Alcohol Consumption, Drinking Patterns, And Alcohol Problems Among Managerial Versus Non-managerial Women And Men, Sarah Moore, Leon Grunberg, and E. Rex Antiquarianism in an Easy-Going Style: Aspects of Chang T'ai-chieh's Antiquarian Practice in the Urban Culture of Late Ming China, Zaixin Hong Link Antithesis and Oxymoron: Ronald Reagan's Figurative Rhetorical Structure, James Jasinski Link An Unlikely National Revival: Soviet Higher Learning And The Ukrainian “sixtiers,” 1953–65, Benjamin Tromly A Paleomagnetic Study Of The Early Jurassic Talkeetna Formation, Peninsular Terrane, Alaska, Erika Kercher and Michael J. Barry Arrhenius Analysis Of Anisotropic Surface Self-diffusion On The Prismatic Facet Of Ice, Ivan Gladich, William Pfalzgraff, Ondrej Marsalek, Pavel Jungwirth, Martina Roeselova, and Steven P. Sherman Link Content, pedagogy, results: A thrice-told tale of integrating work-based and school-based learning, Amy E. Clark Aristocrats, Orators, And The Mob - Dio-chrysostom And The World Of The Alexandrians, William D. Paul Waterway Superfund Site In Tacoma, Washington, Daniel J. James Link Crystallographic Analysis of Transition State Mimics Bound to Penicillopepsin: Phosphorus-Containing Peptide Analogues, John Hanson, Marie E. Despres Link A Dynamical Systems Result On Asymptotic Integration Of Linear Differential Systems, Sigrun Bodine Link A First Course in Linear Algebra, Robert A. Bossart Link A Generalized Recurrence for Bell Numbers, Michael Z. Wettlaufer Link A Geometric Model For Anisotropic Crystal-growth, Js Wettlaufer, Martin Jackson, and M.

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Morrison, Jaime Spacco, and Lynda Thomas Link DCER: Sharing Empirical Computer-Science Education Data, Brad Richards, Kate Sanders, Jan Erik Moström, Vicki Almstrum, Stephen Edwards, Sally Fincher, Kat Gunion, Mark Hall, Brian Hanks, Stephen Lonergan, Robert Mc Cartney, Briana Morrison, Jaime Spacco, and Lynda Thomas Deciphering Mafic Enclaves; What Can They Tell Us About The Timing And Nature Of Basaltic Inputs Into Granitoid Magma Systems? Tepper and Scott Kuehner Decoding The Heavens: A 2000-year-old Computer And The Century-long Search To Discover Its Secrets, James C.

Krebs Link An Entrepreneur in an ‘Adventurer’s Paradise’: Star Talbot and His Innovative Contributions to the Art Business of Modern Shanghai, Zaixin Hong Link A New Approach To Asymptotic Diagonalization Of Linear Differential Systems, Sigrun Bodine and Robert J. Are There Pictorial Examples That Distinguish Covariant And Contravariant Vectors? Mirowski and Douglas Wade Hands A Perfect Babel Of Confusion, Dutch Religion And English Culture In The Middle Colonies - Balmer,rh, William Breitenbach A petrologic study of the Teanaway Basalt: Eocene slab window volcanism in Central WA, Liz Roepke Link Applying Data Structures In Exams, Briana B. Neshyba Link Arthurian Narrative In The Latin Tradition, Michael Curley Articles on the teaching of Sophocles, Yeats, and Eliot in the secondary school, Geoffrey S. Golombek Link Constructing American Identity/Identities, James Jasinski Link Constructing Family: A Typology Of Voluntary Kin, Dawn O. Holland Link Contested Commodities at Both Ends of Life: Buying and Selling of Gametes, Embryos and Body Tissues, Suzanne Holland Link Contraception And Clinical Science: The Place Of Women In Reproductive Technology, A. Caudill Contradictions Of Control - School Structure And School Knowledge - Mcneil,lm, Patti J. Golombek Link Counting configurations in designs, Robert A. Farrell Covering Crimtorts: The Law And Politics Of Responsibility, William Haltom Cover photograph and two additional color photos of quinine fluorescence from a violet laser pointer, Rand Worland Link Critical Economic Methodology: A Personal Odyssey., Douglas Wade Hands Critical Mechanisms For Critical Masses: Exploring Variation In Opposition To Low-level Radioactive Waste Site Proposals, Daniel J.

Cundiff A Note On Bertilaks Beard, Michael Curley Link A novel rater agreement methodology for language transcriptions: evidence from a nonhuman speaker, Erin N. Kaufman, and Robert Rosenthal Link Answering The Old Questions In New Ways - Economics In The Last 25 Years, Douglas Wade Hands and Michael Veseth Answer To Question #55. Is a Good Long Jumper a Good High Jumper, Andrew Rex Answer To Question #58. Valentine A Paradox Of Budgets: The Postwar Stabilization Of American Neoclassical Demand Theory, Philip E. Neshyba Link Arrhenius Analysis Of Anisotropic Surface Self-diffusion On The Prismatic Facet Of Ice, Ivan Gladich, William Pfalzgraff, Ondrej Marsalek, Pavel Jungwirth, Martina Roeselova, and Steven P. Ryken Contested Commodities At Both Ends Of Life: Buying And Selling Gametes, Embryos, And Body Tissues, S.

(cover Story), Seth Weinberger Link Barefoot And Fallen: Dorotea, Athena, Cervantes, And Homer, Harry Vélez-Quiñones Basalt of Outlet Falls: A Record of the Matuyama-Brunhes Reversal? Longabaugh Betrayal And Redemption In The Fiction Of Hudson,lois,phillips, Ann Putnam Between A Rock and A Hard Place: Marriage Implications for Women in the Reformation, Kelli Conley Link Beyond civilization and barbarism : culture and politics in postrevolutionary Argentina, Brendan Lanctot Beyond Late Development: Taiwan's Upgrading Policies., Karl Fields Link Beyond the Culture Wars: An Agenda for Research on Communication and Culture, James Jasinski and Dennis K. Weiss Link "bigger Than A Show - Better Than A Circus": The Broadway Musical, Radio, And Billy Rose's 'jumbo', Geoffrey Block Bill Nye, The Science Guy: Is There A Method To His Madness? Wainstein Link Biomechanical frame of reference, Anne Birge James Biotechnology education program operations manual, Amy E. Lee Link Bird fanciers and biology: A Brand-New Bird: How Two Amateur Scientists Created the First Genetically Engineered Animal by Tim Birkhead, Kristin Johnson Blake 'tiriel' And The Dramatization Of Collapsed Language, Hans Ostrom Link Blaug's Economic Methodology, Douglas Wade Hands Link Blurred Bounderies : Recent Changes In The Relationship Between Economics And The Philosophy Of Natural Science, Douglas Wade Hands Link Bock, Jerry, Geoffrey Block Link Bock, Jerry, Geoffrey Block Bodies Of Sleep, Garments Of Skins Clothing And Ancient Gnostic Mythologies, Apocryhon-of-john, Stuart Smithers Link Bodies of Unsurpassed Beauty: "Living" Images of the Virgin in High Medieval Miracles, Katherine Allen Smith Link Bojana Mojsov, Alexandria Lost: From The Advent Of Christianity To The Arab Conquest (london: Gerald Duckworth & Co. Barry bones' - Fisher,f, Ann Putnam Link Book review: France and Algeria: A History of Decolonization and Transformation by Philip C. Proehl Can Bush Attack Iraq Without Congress’ Approval? , Charles Hommel Link Canon Law And The Letters Of Ivo Of Chartres, Greta Austin Link Capacity for sustained terrestrial locomotion in an insect: Energetics, thermal dependence, and kinematics, Alexa Tullis and Robert J. Golombek Link Cenozoic tectonic rotation of the Mojave Desert, California as indicated by paleomagnetic studies, Mike Valentine Link Cerebrovascular Accident - Relationship Of Demographic, Diagnostic, And Occupational-therapy Antecedents To Rehabilitation Outcomes, Joanne Brodie; Margo B. Tomlin Link Change In Wheelchair Transfer Performance During Rehabilitation Of Men With Cerebrovascular Accident, Maha Sulieman Khader and George, S. Dieckmann Characterization Of The Eye3 And Min1 Proteins Required For Eyespot Assembly In Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii, Telsa M. Tebo And Lake Cushman, Olympic Peninsula, Washington; Evidence For Tertiary Rifting, Elizabeth A. Smith Child Support Awards: Are Nonresident Dads Dead-Beat or Beat-up? Block Closing in on the internal rate of return, Robert A. Mc Hardy: The Transformation of Penality in Scotland (1885-1909), David Smith Color in Glass, Rand Worland and Greg Youtz Combinatorial Object Library (COL), Robert A. Elliott Link Commercial Islam In Indonesia: How Television Producers Mediate Religiosity Among National Audiences, Gareth Barkin Link Commonly asked questions in physics, Andrew Rex Link Comparative Lessons from Spain’s Transition to Democracy, Don Share Link Comparative Molecular Dynamics Study Of Vapor-exposed Basal, Prismatic, And Pyramidal Surfaces Of Ice, William Pfalzgraff, Steven P.

Lawson Link A multi-institutional investigation of computer science seniors' knowledge of programming concepts, Brad Richards, Laurie Murphy, Renée Mc Cauley, Suzanne Westbrook, Timothy Fossum, Susan Haller, Briana B. Anderson Link A multi-institutional investigation of computer science seniors' knowledge of programming concepts, Brad Richards, Laurie Murphy, Renée Mc Cauley, Suzanne Westbrook, Timothy Fossum, Susan Haller, Briana B. Anderson Link A multi-institutional, multinational study of programming concepts using card sort data, Brad Richards, Kate Sanders, Dennis Bouvier, Sally Fincher, Gary Lewandowski, Briana Morrison, Laurie Murphy, Marian Petre, Josh Tenenberg, Lynda Thomas, Richard Anderson, Ruth Anderson, Sue Fitzgerald, Alicia Gutschow, Susan Haller, Raymond Lister, Renée Mc Cauley, John Mc Taggart, Christine Prasad, Terry Scott, Dermot Shinners-Kennedy, Suzanne Westbrook, and Carol Zander Link An Adequate Interset Rest Period For Strength Recovery During A Common Isokinetic Test, Ivan N. Orlin Autour De Burchard De Worms: L'église Allemande Et Les Interdits De Parenté (ixème-xiième Siècle), Greta Austin Link A Value Beyond Recreation That Needs Protection, Rachel De Motts Balancing War Powers In An Age Of Terror. Wainstein Link Biology and conservation of the Juan Fernández Archipelago seabird community, Peter Hodum and Michelle D. Matthews Botswana Baskets Exhibited in USA, Rachel De Motts Link Brans-dicke Corrections To The Gravitational Sagnac Effect, K. Beezer, Sang-Gu Lee, Eung-Ki Kim, Yoonmee Ham, and Ajit Kumar Canadian Road Trip: An Oblique State of Mind, Geoffrey S. Hanson Ched 709-incorporation Of Lateral Methyl Groups Into Liquid Crystalline Compounds: Effects Of Structural Modifications On Phase Behavior, Martin Whittle, Edward T. Scharrer Ched 719-synthesis And Phase Behavior Of New Liquid Crystalline Oxadiazole Derivatives, Jane Lindborg, Edward T. Scharrer Chemical And Structural Analysis Of The Lower Crescent Formation At Mt. Clark Chemical Cues Indicate Familiarity And Body Size In Striped Plateau Lizards, Stacey L. Saucedo Child-abuse And Moral Reform In England 1870-1908 - Behlmer,gk, David F. Penny Link Commentary On Physical Therapist Practice And The Role Of Diagnostic Imaging, Robert E. Ross Link Comment On "predator Classification By The Sea Pen Ptilosarcus Gurneyi (cnidaria): Role Of Waterborne Chemical Cues And Physical Contact With Predatory Sea Stars", Je Dalby and Joel K.

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