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Video games are getting with the 21st century, realizing that queer characters can act as the protagonist, and not just be featured as part of the scenery.Interesting experiences often require alternative game forms, and the dating sim in particular is a fascinating bird.But while her perspectives often provoke ire from the mainstream gaming audience, it's hard to argue with Anna about the "lonely nerd harem fantasy" element of popular dating sims, the best known of which are Japanese-made and generally feature a roulette of slavish girls (plenty are literally about harems).Japan-only DS sensation , Anna tells me she explicitly aimed to move away from that sort of exploitive, unrealistic portrayal of interpersonal relations and female sexuality in particular.For a team-based #FPS, it's sure managed to make an impact on gamers, and when popular character and suspect lesbian number one Tracer was revealed to be just that, fans were elated.Blizzard also commented on the Overwatch comic which outed her, telling Entertainment Weekly: I could have picked any of #Bioware's games to feature in this article.From Mass Effect to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the team behind some of the best games I have ever played offer gamers the chance to choose their gender, race and sexuality — which makes for much more inclusive and varied gameplay.I singled out Dragon Age: Inquisition because of all the games, it's the one had the most #LGBT characters; Sera, Dorian, Krem and The Iron Bull are just a few of the queer characters you can engage with romantically or platonically, making it probably their queerest video game to date.

The game is based on a series of decisions you make, each with a different outcome which effects Max and the characters she encounters.Toby Fox's creation smashed indie records and has been a huge success, hailed for its subversion of video game cliches as well as winning multiple awards for its music, gameplay and narrative.While we still have a long way to come in some respects, but there has definitely been a seismic shift in the way video games are choosing to tell LGBT narratives in the last few years.The boom in indie titles and a diversifying audience has created demand for diverse characters and thought-provoking narratives, which is pushing video games out of the bedroom and into the real world.I binged sleeper hit #Gone Home on a couple of hours one afternoon, and for a relatively short indie, it sure gave me all the feels!

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