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Getting drunk with friends till dawn, going on dates to the cinema, playing too many video games.

In her videos, which involve everything from chocolate sauce and soft drinks to squid and even raw chicken, the 35-year-old sensation presents a bizarre combination of hammy hyper-sexuality, in-your-face cleavage and grotesquely handled food.

You might say that’s crazy, but if people understand freedom or know how people in other countries live, it is dangerous for the government”. In the week they would go on walks alongside the riverside and on the weekends they would go the cinema.

However, there was a limit to the intimacy of these dates.

However, Showry outraged audiences in 2014 when she allegedly acted inappropriately with a high-school-aged male guest star online and, after weathering a storm of criticism in South Korea, Seo switched platforms to You Tube and continued with her work.

“I still get tonnes of criticism [from South Korean viewers] because I started this kind of work early.

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