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What makes me sick, is that my careless behavior has put my family in this uncomfortable position.My family is the most important thing in my life and it kills me that these allegations have hurt them."ID'd Hummel and, though both she and Jon denied that they were having an affair, her brother (and roommate) Jason Hummel told a sordid story to the magazine about being able to overhear the two getting it on (though he did say his sister was a "nice girl" and Jon was the jerk)."My brother is making this all up."It's one of the things we did not envision when we started our show.

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The general rhythm of the show was this: Kate doled out the discipline, made most of the decisions (including the unpopular ones), the kids played and bickered and were usually pretty cute, and Jon was...there.

(Like, for real, he was quoted as saying that.)Kate told the magazine that, even though fame had its drawbacks, she "wouldn't return to those days" before their sextuplets were born. It's the best thing and it's the hardest thing I think that's ever happened, just our show in general," Kate said in the episode. Prior to the tawdry revelation, the had reported that Gosselin was seen kissing a woman who wasn't his wife outside a local hotel.

He had also been photographed with an as-yet unidentified Hummel leaving a bar in Reading, Pa., on April 18, his wedding ring nowhere in site.

Prescott said Gosselin would do anything for ratings, up to and including staging their first date and lying to fans.

She maintained a sham single status despite the couple being so serious that they were house-hunting.

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