Free breast feeding chat cam

My children didn’t cooperate obviously so ignore them lol. It’ll definitely be included in the next baby shower gift I buy, a must for new mamas!

(also when doing it I wasn’t planning on uploading them all which is why I awkwardly say ciiiiiii at the start of each one and explains what I’m doing). —————————————————————————— You all know that I’ve recently gone back to work and rather suddenly.

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You just need to make sure you have a suitable storage container to store the milk in afterwards.I proudly bought my breastfeeding cover a couple of weeks before my due date but I knew I wasn't going to use it. For I wasn't just going to breastfeed my baby but I was going to be out and proud about it, no matter who felt uncomfortable with boob in public. In fact, and it's embarrassing to admit this now, but as I look back on my pregnant life, I can say that I was so set on this for my child that I had some pretty nasty judgments on women who bottle fed. The suggestions by people with and without medical degrees were endless.All the while our baby was being "diagnosed" as a myriad of things, I was sinking further and further into a postpartum depression that I couldn't get out of. Every two to three hours, I spent roughly an hour and a half feeding her and then pumping and yet still, I was producing minimal breast milk. I’m suffering from oversupply, tandem nursing my 3 year old and newbie and I struggle to hand express (I gave away my Avent manual and Mandela electric pumps to friends when my first wouldn’t take the bottle! The pump is a great size to hold, and so easy to use. ) is a great size and is comfy on my mahoosive boobies.

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