Dating noritake china marks

A slideshow is a series of images with some description at the side.By viewing a slideshow you will be able to read what the writer wants you to know as well as look at carefully chosen images that illustrate the point of the article.Good luck and if I am fortunate enough to gather any information I will most certainly share it with you all. I am an artist and would have needed a loop and special brush to recreate it. And as I cannot find another Noritake or Morimura mark like it It doesn't matter. John Received a beautiful set of porcelain from my grandmother.The piece is finely crafted, and is indeed bone china. Purchased in approx 1931 - all pieces with this very simple marking.Here is a link to the same cartouche on my china: ZAki The front is here: Does anyone recognize this pattern and advise if it is legitimate Noritake?One of the most beautiful china sets ever created is the Noritake Christmas Ball #175, china pattern that was made in Japan from 1906 to 1991.Would like to believe it is indeed authentic noritake.Any idea of value by place setting and serving pieces?

Each slideshow is automated, which means that the image will change in a period of time that has been set by the author.Any information about my set would be greatly appreciated.Thank you, Ginger========================================Reply by Peter (admin)To:- M in Wreath with "Japan" underneath-Noritake Query Dear Ginger Thanks for uploading your picture of the M Japan cartouche pottery mark.M in Wreath with "Japan" underneath-Noritake Query:- Recently my 92 year old grandmother died and I received a candy dish and bowl from her collection.I researched the marking and it seemed more closely related to the Noritake markings with the M in the wreath but I can't seem to find the exact markings which are on my set.

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