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At the order of the sultan a new patriarch was installed in ofl Jce by the usual ceremony.

Every community was gov- erned by primates whom it appointed. FURTHER CONQUESTS OF MUHAMMED Profiting by the terror which the fall of Constantinople had spread as far as the Danube, Muhammed actively pursued his work of conquering the entire Illyrian Peninsula.

The sultan, at the head of a hundred and fifty thousand men and three hundred pieces of artillery, then entered Servia and arrived before Belgrade without meeting with any resistance.

George Brankovich hastened to buy, at the price of a tribute of thirty thousand ducats, a precarious and shameful peace. The fol- lowing year an Ottoman fleet, aft«r conquering Thasos, Samothrace, Imbros, and Lemnos, experienced a sanguinary defeat before Cos, and failed completely in an attempt to capture Rhodes by siege.

On every occasion count upon my friendship and enjoy all the privileges possessed by your predecessors." Preserving their religion, their goods, and the right of administering their own affairs, the Greeks formed a vast community entirely separate from the conquering nation.

When Georgius or George Scholarius (Gennadixis) had been crowned with the tiara, the sultan said to him: "Be patriarch, and may heaven protect you !

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